IT Management Solutions

EPC does more than just ITAD.

Whether it’s used or new, spare or ready to roll out, IT equipment can be difficult to manage and take up valuable office space. With EPC’s IT management solutions, you can control deployments, store excess equipment and manage available inventory all in one place. Let your IT staff focus on more important issues and leave the hassle of IT management to EPC. Discover which of our IT management solutions best fits your organization.

Warehousing & Deployment

Short on space? Need to get assets quickly and efficiently? EPC’s warehousing and deployment service provides you with the best of both worlds. You can store all your equipment in one place and ship it out where and when it is needed, fully loaded with whatever you require.

With our warehousing service you can:

• Catalog and store newly leased or purchased assets in preparation for staggered rollouts.

• Custom, private e-commerce website containing your inventory ready for deployment to end users.

• Custom company-specific images preloaded on your technology.

• Equipment can be shipped individually or in bulk to your offices or remote employees on demand.

• Bundle this service with our Box Program to help facilitate easy returns.

Managed Inventory & Redeployment

Our Managed Inventory and Redeployment Service allows you to take the stress out of configuring, deploying and redeploying assets. We provide you with an efficient, streamlined process to quickly get assets into the hands of end users.

This option includes everything offered in warehousing and deployment, along with:

• Collect usable IT assets from employees after their employment terminates.

• Reusable assets can be refurbished and added back into your inventory for redeployment.

• EPC can purchase and resell older, owned decommissioned assets.

Need devices?

EPC’s parent organization CSI Leasing has all your equipment needs covered. No matter the type, supplier or location, CSI can get you the assets you need. CSI Leasing is the resource, not only for financial solutions, but for help with asset management and procurement. CSI has been investing in our customers’ technology solutions for nearly five decades and with EPC, CSI can make your journey from procurement to disposition simple.

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