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02 February, 2022

As the first month of the year has passed, CSI EPC charges into 2022 full steam ahead. In the midst of a global pandemic and supply chain shortages, there were several hurdles to overcome this year. We also experienced a record number of items reaching our processing facilities in 2021. All of this makes us extra thankful for the hard work from CSI EPC’s staff, along with the support and patience from all of our customers.

Let’s look back on last year’s milestones and give a little hint of what’s next!


The demand for IT asset disposal is on the rise at CSI EPC and locations around the world.


Rebranding and growing
To better serve our multinational customers, the EPC group standardized and aligned its facilities around the world and also rebranded in Europe as EPC Global Solutions. This unified approach allows the group’s combined 17 ITAD processing centers to help you achieve the highest level of data security and meet your sustainability goals no matter where you operate. In response to growing demand in Canada, CSI EPC moved its operations in Vancouver to a larger facility. The team expects to process more than 200,000 IT asset annually.

Bringing sustainable and secure ITAD solutions to more organizations in Vancouver.

Shredding SSDs got easier
While you or your friends may be shredding on skis and snowboards during these chilly months, the CSI EPC team is hard at work shredding solid state drives, or SSDs. In the U.S., the group expanded their data destruction services to provide NSA-compliant SSD shredding services. SSDs have smaller circuit boards than traditional HDDs. If not shredded small enough, they can still pose a data security risk to your company. Learn more about CSI EPC’s SDD destruction services on our Data Security page.

CSI EPC’s SSD sanitization process turns SSDs into dust.

A commitment to excellence
Providing the highest level of service, no matter where your organization operates, is our goal. Our colleagues in Europe agree, which is why they announced they have achieved several nationally recognized certifications in the UK and Slovakia. In other exciting news, all EPC group facilities are Blancco Certified Data Erasure Platinum Partners and Certified Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers.

The EPC group’s global certifications.

Onward and forward
At the end of 2021, EPC in the U.S. announced several officer promotions and other personnel changes at their headquarters. We extend our congratulations to co-founders Dan and Robin Fuller who have developed an amazing team and foundation in which CSI EPC has adapted to build the business in Canada. Back in 1984, EPC started out as a small computer reseller but now has grown into a global ITAD company with over 500 employees worldwide. Colin Taves, president of CSI EPC, and the entire Canadian team, is happy to work with the new CEO and president of EPC, Pat Laughlin, who was previously executive vice president, to take the group to new heights.

Pat Laughlin, CEO and President of EPC

Are you motivated and recharged yet? Because we are! The year is just getting started and we’re ready to spring into Spring with more announcements coming soon. Remember to stay tuned to this blog and connect with us on LinkedIn, as we’ve got some great content planned for this year.

Now that you’ve seen how far we’ve come, let’s move forward together!