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What Makes EPC a Great Choice for ITAD?

Need a new ITAD provider?
02 August, 2019 / Jenny Lott

In July 2019, Arrow Electronics announced that it would be closing the doors of its global ITAD program. This decision came after preliminary financial reports revealed significant loss of profits for the company. After August 5th, Arrow will no longer accept assets.

This has understandably come as a shock to customers who have depended upon Arrow for ITAD services. The task of selecting a new ITAD company may seem daunting; EPC is just one of many companies to choose from. So what makes EPC, Inc a great choice for ITAD?

  • Secure Data Erasure:EPC’s SecureTrack program sanitizes hard drives according to the guidelines laid out in NIST 800-88, making your data unrecoverable.
  • Physical Destruction:For those looking for physical destruction, EPC offers shredding for many digital media storage devices, including HDDs AND SSDs (read more on the importance of proper SSD destruction here).
  • Remarketing: We audit every acquired piece of equipment for functionality and value. EPC purchases functional equipment at fair market cost for refurbishment and resale.
  • Recycling:We de-manufacture any end-of-life assets according to our strict no-landfill policy and all current state, federal, and international environmental laws and regulations.
  • Global Impact:With locations all over the world, EPC is fully equipped to handle your ITAD needs, wherever they may be. Our professionally trained staff can transport your assets to our facility or bring our services to you.
  • Reporting and Documentation:All scheduling, discovery, SecureTrack data, and audit reporting is available to the client through a password-protected portal on EPC’s website, meaning you won’t lose sight of where your assets go.

Our goal for our clients is to maximize returns and minimize risks associated with ITAD and data disposal. EPC is committed to providing you with quality services with the flexibility to meet your needs. If you are a former Arrow Electronics customer, or anyone looking for an ITAD company, contact us today!